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  ACE Investigations Offers Investigative Services at Affortable Rates. ACE Investigations has moved to the Orlando, Florida area.

Investigations and Consultations
Welcome to ACE Investigations and Professional Consulting Agency

From discovery to deposition at trial, ACE Investigations and Professional Consulting Agency (P.C.A.) insures that our clients receive assistance in their case from expert consultants. We are professionals that meet every case as a challenge with one outcome in mind, to provide services that assist the Client and the Attorneys in presenting their case in court. We look at every case and prepare an analysis of that case based upon the elements of the crime involved. If needed, we conduct interviews of those involved in the case, such as: the victim, the witness, character witness, the suspect, and the charging officer. 

We Look For Facts
We Do The Leg Work And The Investigating

ACE Investigations and Professional Consulting Agency brings many years of experience in research and law enforcement to litigation attorneys and their clients. Our professionals use their prior experience in Law Enforcement, Loss Prevention, and the Criminal Justice System to critique the methods and practice applied in each case to insure that the client receives fair treatment in their legal process and provide investigative support to the litigation attorney handling the case.

Collection Of Evidence
We Work For The Client

ACE Investigations and Professional Consulting Agency is dedicated to looking wherever necessary to obtain the information needed by our clients and their attorneys and preparing that information in such a way that it is beneficial to the case the attorney is presenting for litigation. We work for the attorney and client to provide the best possible service to them, obtaining information, analyzing the case, investigating every lead that may benefit the client, then prepare the information obtained to the attorney for court. We appear in court and testify if needed to our findings in a professional manner that will reflect our experience.

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