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  ACE Investigations Offers Investigative Services at Affortable Rates. ACE Investigations has moved to the Orlando, Florida area.

ELIMINATING THE TARGET (ETT): A guide to Business Protection against Break-Ins  Employee Theft, Customer Thefts, and Robbery.


Mapping the Road to Security: According to U.S. Department of Commerce statistic's, small businesses are 35 times more likely to become crime victims than businesses with receipts over $5 million. Insurance Industry estimates show that losses from employee dishonesty alone cause up to 30 percent of all business failures. Add to that the damage from crimes committed by outsiders against business property, employees, and customers; and the loss becomes even more staggering. Crime does have a significant negative impact on the small business. Yet, security and loss prevention are among the most neglected and poorly managed aspects of small business operation. There is a misconception that security and loss prevention programs are too expensive. There are numerous inexpensive methods that can be applied to loss prevention. A small business should consider these methods with both the response of, "can I afford it" and "can I afford not to." Failure to adequately address the crime threat can have serious consequences.

ACE Investigations and Professional Consulting Agency can assist with Conducting Loss Prevention Investigations, Conducting Interviews of Employees, Implementing Loss Prevention Programs, Conducting Analysis of Business Security, and Conducting Management/Employee Training in Robbery and Theft Prevention.  

Contact ACE Investigations to find out how we can help you protect your business against these crimes, reduce your losses and increase your profits.  "Eliminate The Target." from crime.


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