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Florida Licensed Private Investigator and Private Investigation Agency, and a Florida Licensed Security Officer.  FL Licenses: A1000202, C1000393, and D1018618

Private Investigations of Any Nature:

Asset Investigations

Adultry, Infidelity Investigations,

Domestic Investigations,

Surveillance with Video or Camera Documentation, 

Written Report with Surveillance Documentation, 

Expert Consultant on Criminal  and Traffic Cases,

Body Guard Services,

Interviews Conducted of Witnesses,

Loss Prevention Cases, both Internal and External, 

Integrity Shops of Businesses,

Expert Witness and/or Expert Consultant in Cases Involving Drug Investigations, 4th Amendment , Search and Seizure Issues, 

Criminal and Financial Record Checks when possible.


RJ McCurry began his Criminal Justice Career in the 1975 with the North Carolina Department of Corrections.

In 1982, he began employment with the Asheboro Police Department. From 1982 to 1985, he worked traffic violations, traffic accidents, all types of criminal violations, and secured crime scenes for Detectives. Within three years, he was promoted to Detective.

In 1985, RJ McCurry left the Asheboro Police Department and went to work for the Patrol Division of the Guilford County Sheriff Department in North Carolina. 

In 1989, he was promoted to Narcotics Detective. 

In 1992, he obtained the rank of Corporal and was put in charge of reviewing Search Warrants and planning the execution of Narcotic Raids. During his time in the Narcotic Division, he conducted hundreds of  undercover operations and drug searches. These searches included searches by consent and search warrants. He designed drop-down paragraphs for search warrants that are still being used by numerous law enforcement agencies in NC. RJ McCurry was part of a group that helped train Fairfax County VA in conducting Consent Searches. He has taught classes for law enforcement agencies in: Drug Investigation, Drug Interdiction, How to Write and execute a Search Warrant, Search Warrant Raids, Drug Identification, Surveillance Techniques, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, and other sponsored classes for the North Carolina Justice Academy. 

In 1992, RJ McCurry was part of a team consisting of Federal, State, and Local Agencies that conducted  one of the longest land surveillance by vehicles of a target. It lasted over 700 miles and took place in three states. It started in North Carolina, traveled through South Carolina, to Georgia and back to North Carolina where the suspects were arrested and Kilos of Cocaine were seized.

In 1992, RJ McCurry, was part of a Federal Task Force including Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, the Internal Revenue Service Greensboro Police Dept. and The Guilford County Sheriff's Dept. These agencies conducted one of the largest Historical Conspiracy Cases ever worked in the Middle District, completing the investigation and executing search warrants and arrests in three states that resulted in the seizure of over $1,500,000.00 in real and personal property of persons involved in distribution of over 50 Kilos of Cocaine and the arrests of over thirty suspects. 

Between 1990 and 1996, he completed investigations with the North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement Agency that resulted in the closing of 33 alcohol licensed businesses for conducting illegal activities such distrribution of drugs and gambling violations at their locations. 

In 1996, RJ McCurry was promoted to Sergeant on Patrol. 

In 1999, he was assigned as Sergeant, Supervisor to the Crime Repression Team and Canine Squad before retiring from the Sheriff's Department in 2000. His squad was responsible for violent fugitive apprehension and initiating the raids executed by the Narcotic Division and K-9 support on searches and suspect apprehensions. 

In 2000, RJ McCurry retired from the Sheriff's Department and moved to Charleston, SC. In 2001, he began his career as Private Investigator in South Carolina. ACE Investigations and Professional Consultant Service (PCS) continued to conduct investigations and offer consulting in civil and criminal cases for Attorneys in SC until relocating to Florida in 2010.

Between 2003 and 2004, ACE Investigations and PCS conducted the investigation of the Stafford High School Drug Search case in Goose Creek, SC for clients represented by the Motley and Rice Law Firm in Mt. Pleasant, SC. This case made headlines on FOX NEWS, CNN, and other TV channels. The investigation by ACE Investigations and PCS revealed certain facts discovered by their investigation that questioned the integrity of the search warrant and the search execution by the Police and proved in favor of the plaintiffs represented by Motley and Rice. 

Between 2004 and 2010, RJ McCurry also worked as the Assistant Security Director at the Verizon Wireless Call Center in N. Charleston, SC. In 2006, he was promoted to the Security Director at the Verizon Call Center in North Charleston, SC until leaving in 2010. 

In 2010, RJ McCurry moved to Florida and obtained his Private Investigations  License and Agency License.  ACE Investigations and Professional Consulting Agency has been conducting investigations and providing consulting services to Attorneys in Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina from that date to the present. 

In 2012, RJ McCurry also went to work part-time at Lady Lake Police Department in charge of conducting traffic accident investigations and school safety services. 

In 2014, RJ McCurry accepted the role of Evidence Custodian at the Lady Lake Police Department and was placed in charge of the Evidence Room and control of evidence for all analysis purposes and storage of that evidence. RJ McCurry is still employed in this role as a part-time civilian employee.


1990: Awarded Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate.

1993: Awarded the Commendation Bar from the Guilford County Sheriff's Department.

1993: Awarded the Appreciation Award from the Carroll County Sheriff's Department in Virginia.

1994: Awarded the Appreciation Award from the Randolph County Sheriff's Department in Asheboro, NC.

1995: Awarded the Service Award  Honor from the International Narcotic Enforcement Officer's Association in W. Palm Beach, FL.

1996: Awarded the Service Award from the Special Operations Division of the Guilford County Sheriff's Department. 

1999: Awarded the Meritorious Commendation Bar from the Guilford County Sheriff's Department.

2000: Awarded Achievement Plaque for Dedication to Guilford County and its Citizens. 


1985: Associate Degree in General Education.

1988: Bachelor of Science Degrees in Psychology and Sociology. Dean's List.

1995: North Carolina Criminal Justice General Instructor Certification. 

Services and Support Staff

Loss Prevention Services

Assistant Criminal Justice Instructor

Loss Prevention Services


The Support Staff is supervised by JD McCurry, the wife of RJ McCurry. She began her career in Security in 1990. She has worked for Pinkerton Security and Investigations, Wells Fargo Investigations, and Globe Security Services. She has received numerous commendations while working in this capacity and was named Security Officer of the Year in 1991. JD McCurry has worked in the area of Loss prevention for the Waccamaw Company, Walmart, and Kohl's Department Stores. She has been involved in working Loss Prevention Cases for over 20 years. She has training and experience in both external and internal loss prevention investigations and is responsible for recovering over $500,000.00 in losses for these companies.  

Investigative Services

Assistant Criminal Justice Instructor

Loss Prevention Services


ACE Investigations and PCA conducts all types of investigations. The perameter and scope of the investigation is determined by the individual client needs and goals. Once the plan of investigation is determined, a contract will be signed between ACE Investigations and PCA and the client. A retainer will be collected from the client for a specific number of hours and the investigation is started. Investigations can be a criminal or financial record check, social media check, integrity shops, or surveillance of persons, vehicles, or locations. An investigation can be an analysis of the actions of a person, group of people, agency, or business, involved in actions that may have caused losses, injuries, or damages to a client who may or may not be represented by an Attorney in a civil or criminal case. All our investigations are documented with written reports and photographs or video when possible. If surveillance is conducted, the report will also contain the actual surveillance notes listed by dates and times, with subjects, vehicles and locations involved. 

Assistant Criminal Justice Instructor

Assistant Criminal Justice Instructor

Assistant Criminal Justice Instructor


From 1996 to 2000, JD McCurry worked at the Greensboro Police Department in North Carolina as a Tele-Communicator which included monitoring TAC and NAWAS channels. She received numerous commendations while working in that capacity. During this same time, she worked at Guilford Community College as an Assistant Instructor of 400 Basic Law Enforcement students. She also assisted with in-service training  classes of Field-Sobriety Test Certification, Undercover Narcotic Officer Training, Surveillance Techniques, and Police K-9 training. 

Eliminating The Target (ETT)

Eliminating The Target (ETT)

Assistant Criminal Justice Instructor


Eliminating The Target (ETT) is a guide for Business Protection Against Break-Ins and Robbery. It has been used by the Guilford County Sheriff's Department in North Carolina and Comen International Investigations in Charleston, SC as a plan to strengthen Businesses against losses due to Break-Ins and Robbery attempts. This plan was designed by RJ McCurry and JD McCurry and is offered to any business who would like to have the program shared with them. 

Consulting for Attorneys

Eliminating The Target (ETT)

Consulting for Attorneys


RJ McCurry and JD McCurry have over 50 years experience between them in law enforcement and loss prevention investigations. 

RJ McCurry has worked investigations into Criminal and Civil Cases applying his experience in areas of Traffic Accident Investigations, Drug Investigations, matters of Search and Seizure, matter of proper Search Warrant execution, proper Law Enforcement Procedures and Surveillance Techniques. 

JD McCurry has experience in Surveillance and working Internal and External Loss Prevention Cases. She has performed analysis that were instrumental in cases such as the Stafford High School Drug Search.  

NAIS Member

Eliminating The Target (ETT)

Consulting for Attorneys


ACE Investigations and PCS/PCA has been a member of NAIS since 2001. NAIS is the National Association of Investigator Specialists. This organization is recognized world wide.